Snow Is on Its Way: What You Need to Know About Snow Removal in Sioux Falls

Snow is again on its way as winter begins in Sioux Falls. Snow removal crews will be working throughout this week’s weather event to keep streets safe. City of Sioux Falls officials would like to remind residents of property owners’ responsibilities regarding snow removal and how they can prepare now to stay informed during the upcoming winter season.

Here’s what you need to know about snow removal in Sioux Falls:

• A snow alert is declared if the City of Sioux Falls plans to plow all streets. At this time, parking restrictions go into effect across the city, and vehicles parked on all streets are subject to ticketing and towing by zone.
• Get a text instead of a ticket. The City of Sioux Falls offers a text alert service to notify residents of snow alerts. To subscribe, send a text with the word SNOW to 605-413-1990, or go to to subscribe to text, email, or social media notifications.
• After 2 inches of snow has fallen (day or night, with or without a snow alert being declared), all vehicles parked on emergency snow routes are subject to ticketing and towing at the owner’s expense. Emergency snow routes are posted with signs.
• During snow alerts, plows enter neighborhoods after the snow has stopped falling and emergency routes are clear. Snow alert communications will include the plowing schedule based on zone. Vehicles cannot be parked legally on the street until the street has been plowed.
• Snow gates are used citywide during snow alerts, with the exception of emergency snow routes that are three lanes or wider. Snow gates should reduce the amount of snow deposited in driveways, but do not eliminate the potential for snow in driveways.
• It is the homeowner’s responsibility to ensure mailboxes are accessible to mail carriers and to keep fire hydrants clear of snow and other obstructions for 3 feet in all directions.
• Sidewalks must be cleared of ice and snow within 48 hours after it snows. Don’t forget about sidewalk curb ramps on corner lots and other curb cutouts. Residents are responsible for providing access from the street onto the sidewalk.
• Do not place snow from the driveway or sidewalk onto the street.

If you have questions regarding street snow removal, call the Public Works Street Division at 367-8255. For additional information about sidewalk snow removal or to report a violation, contact Property Maintenance at 978-6900. For more information, visit