Outstanding City Employees Recognized

Mayor Mike Huether has announced the winners of the V. L. Crusinberry Award, Jeanne Fullenkamp Management Excellence Award, and Employee of the Year for Safety Award—the City’s top employee awards.

The 2016 V. L. Crusinberry Award winners are Terry Adams and Reinaldo Perez. The V. L. Crusinberry Award, established in memory of former Mayor V. L. Crusinberry, recognizes and honors annually a nonmanagement employee who demonstrates exceptional performance, judgment, productivity, loyalty, professional pride, and other noteworthy accomplishments in relation to City employment.

Terry Adams’ performance and attitude are key in the operation of the Public Works Light and Power Division. He is meticulous at every detail and has given 100 percent every day in his 22 years with the City. He designs or reviews every streetlight installation in Sioux Falls. Over his tenure, the City has grown from around 7,300 streetlights to more than 19,000. The division has not added a staff member for more than 30 years, and a lot of this is because of Terry’s work ethic and productivity. Terry is highly involved in communications with citizens. He takes every call seriously and tries to find the best way to solve concerns. Terry will meet with citizen groups after hours to discuss neighborhood lighting, then drive every block of the neighborhood with a citizen, a Community Development employee, and police officer. He then develops a project map and plan for lighting up the neighborhoods to provide a safer environment for everyone.

Reinaldo Perez began his career in 2001 as a Parking Meter Technician. He was promoted to Lead Parking Equipment Service Technician three years later because of his “can-do” attitude and natural ability to problem solve. He currently oversees the maintenance of 4 parking ramps, 15 parking lots, the parking maintenance facility, and all associated equipment. Reinaldo advised on the meter configuration and layout for the Main Avenue Road Diet project while also increasing the deployment and implementation of additional credit card-enabled meters in 2016. Reinaldo led the department’s effort on the Chemical Inventory Management System, properly organizing, cataloging, and storing all hazardous chemicals. Reinaldo is also excellent at identifying opportunities to improve efficiencies. Under Reinaldo’s initiative, his team took over tasks from contractors, providing a superior level of cleanliness and saving Public Parking $30,000 annually in contracted services. Reinaldo has been an integral part of the Public Parking system for more than 15 years. He is dedicated to providing a high level of service to parking customers while ensuring facilities are safe for all users.

The 2016 Jeanne Fullenkamp Management Excellence Award winners are Diane Best and Jeremy Williams. The Jeanne Fullenkamp Management Excellence Award, established in memory of former Human Resources Manager Jeanne Fullenkamp, recognizes and honors annually a high performer and leader in the midmanagement employee group whose performance drives change, builds commitment, maximizes talent, and focuses on excellence in customer service.

Diane Best is an effective leader and trusted legal advisor. Her expert legal experience has saved the City of Sioux Falls tens of millions of dollars. Diane’s unique insight and experience with environmental laws and regulations have been beneficial for her careful legal oversight of the Public Works facilities that provide essential services to our community including Water Reclamation and the Landfill. She led the City’s efforts to review and revise the City’s General Conditions for public improvement contracts, which will ensure that all future public improvement projects are completed in a manner that will protect the public and their property, as well as protect taxpayer dollars. Diane’s leadership and influence have extended to the entire City of Sioux Falls and interaction with the public. She is the author of the state statutes on public records and open meetings. Diane has played a key role in advising City departments on how to remain committed to honest and open government. She is a trusted mentor to the other members of the City’s legal team.

Jeremy Williams is a respected leader with exceptional customer service and team work, and he is a high performer. Jeremy gets things done! Jeremy helps to drive change, build commitment, and lead successful projects. His division looks to him for guidance because of his consistent vision and integrity. Jeremy always meets and exceeds expectations—he never disappoints. He accepts responsibility, is passionate about his work, and is exemplary at follow-through. Jeremy is fun to be around, and his passion and positive attitude are contagious.

The 2016 recipient of the Employee of the Year for Safety Award is Brian Christiaansen. The Employee of the Year for Safety Award recognizes and honors annually an employee who has made a significant and measurable contribution toward achieving the City’s safety objectives. Employees nominated were chosen by their supervisor for their ability to motivate coworkers, contribute to a heightened safety awareness, and ultimately a safer working environment.

Brian Christiaansen is a selfless leader who has devoted his career to keeping his teammates, adjacent City department employees, and the citizens of Sioux Falls safe. This past April, Captain Christiaansen played an integral part of the successful involvement with the 2016 Illinois Fire Service Institute research project—Cardiovascular and Carcinogenic Risks in the Fire Service. The research project is a monumental $1.3 million project funded by the federal Assistance to Firefighters Grants. Thirty-four firefighters from across the nation were invited to participate in this project. Captain Christiaansen was part of a four-person team that was tasked with completing three separate live fire evolutions. His direct involvement has led to comprehensive data collection for numerous scientists from Underwriters Laboratory, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Skidmore College, Harvard Research, and the Illinois Fire Service Institute (University of Illinois). This data will be studied and compiled for the next white paper that will reveal findings that without a doubt will have positive outcomes for fire service personnel regarding Personal Protective Equipment (cleaning care and maintenance), live fire training tactics and strategies, and several other health and safety areas. Brian is an exceptional fire officer instructor. He spearheaded the instruction of more than 250 fire and police personnel in advanced trauma care strategies and tactics, and he was instrumental in rewriting current curriculum to meet the needs of the 21st century firefighter. This instruction directly impacts the health and safety of those participants, their teammates, and the citizens of Sioux Falls.

Full List of Nominees:

V. L. Crusinberry Award Nominees
• Kassim Adam, Custodial Worker, Central Services
• Terry Adams, Engineering Technician, Public Works
• Nate Berheim, Park Carpenter, Parks and Recreation
• Randall Brink, Sergeant, Sioux Falls Police Department
• Melissa Gronseth, Registered Nurse, Health Department
• Calla Jarvie, Library Associate, Siouxland Libraries
• Jennifer Larsen, Patient Support Technician, Health Department
• Amy Marsh, EMS Educator, Sioux Falls Fire Rescue
• Reinaldo Perez, Lead Parking Equipment Service Technician, Community Development
• Nancy Shannon, Landfill Scale Operator, Public Works
• Bruce Smidt, Community Development Specialist, Community Development

Jeanne Fullenkamp Management Excellence Award Nominees
• Elizabeth Ahlers, Web Designer, Central Services
• Diane Best, Assistant City Attorney, City Attorney’s Office
• Jason Bieber, Urban Planner, Planning and Building Services
• Julie Charbonneau, Emergency Medical Quality Assurance Coordinator, Health Department
• Tim Konda, Business Analyst, Finance
• Jon Lohr, Lieutenant, Sioux Falls Police Department
• Matt McAreavy, Battalion Chief, Sioux Falls Fire Rescue
• Dan Neeves, Branch Librarian, Siouxland Libraries
• Josh Peterson, Principal Engineer, Public Works
• Dustin Powers, Economic Development Coordinator, Community Development
• Brian Sherman, IT Analyst, Central Services
• Jeremy Williams, Building Maintenance Supervisor, Central Services

Employee of the Year for Safety Award Nominees
• Mitch Boysen, Mechanic, Public Works
• Brian Christiaansen, Fire Captain, Sioux Falls Fire Rescue
• Ryan Dott, Forensic Specialist, Sioux Falls Police Department
• Kyle Hills, Line Worker, Public Works
• Sandy Frentz, Public Health Manager, Health Department
• Dan Karbo, City Carrier, Central Services
• Dan Lewis, Lead Maintenance Mechanic, Public Works
• Parks and Recreation Safety Team, Parks and Recreation
    o Josh Brinkman, Park Service Worker
    o Al Hansen, Park Service Worker
    o Josh Johnson, Park Caretaker
    o Maegen Lipetzky, Park Service Worker
    o Adam Livermore, Park Service Worker
    o Paula Nussbaum, Technical Clerk
    o Justin Rehfeldt, Park Service Worker
    o Nicole Tietjen, Recreation Program Specialist
• Zachary Radack, Mechanic, Public Works