Mayor Huether Will Not Sign the Tobacco-Free Ordinance. Sioux Falls Can and Should Do More.

Mayor Mike Huether will send the tobacco-free ordinance passed by the City Council last week back to them unsigned. The ordinance will still go into effect on January 16, 2017.

“This new ordinance simply does not go far enough. It is not just youth that are impacted by the devastating effects of tobacco. The citizens of Sioux Falls were certainly ready to tackle this, and we hope the Council will consider following their lead,” says Mayor Huether.

The City team remains committed to protecting people of all ages from the health effects of tobacco use, not just youth. While the new ordinance is aimed at protecting youth and youth activities, these same protections should be extended to people of all ages.

Medical science proves that exposure to any amount of tobacco is a significant health risk for anyone at any age. The executive branch will execute this new law to the fullest extent to promote the public health, safety, and welfare. Public education will be the main focus of these efforts, as well as encouraging tobacco-use cessation efforts citywide.

“To be open and honest, I hate smoking. It killed my dad,” says Mayor Huether.