Work Progresses at Building Collapse Site

This morning, all investigative agencies with interest in the building collapse met on site at 134 and 136 South Phillips Avenue to take one final look at the area. Today, crews will continue to remove the debris on site in order to access the collapsed Skelly’s roof and the above roof deck framing that continues to compromise the south wall of PAve.

The goal is to commence the removal of the roof framing of the old Skelly’s building. Temporary lane closures on Phillips Avenue might be required during that work, but they will be short in duration. The site should be cleared by the end of the week. At that time, it is possible that additional lanes of Tenth Street could be reopened.

The goal of all of this work is to reduce the risk to life safety. All parties involved are working together to maintain public safety and increase the structural integrity of the PAve building. The work is occurring at no cost to the City. The contractor was hired to do the work by the property owner.

Investigations are ongoing, and the City is executing its role in the investigations in a very aggressive fashion. The investigative time period on site has been limited due to life safety issues regarding the remaining structures. However, the City does not manage the timeframe of the ongoing investigations.

Sidewalks remain closed immediately around the building collapse site. Two lanes of Tenth Street also remain closed as a staging area for crews continuing to work on the structures. Traffic delays can be expected if traveling through downtown on Tenth Street.