Police Create a ‘Safe Exchange Zone’ to Limit Crime Related to Private Internet Purchases

The Sioux Falls Police Department has created a safe place where people can exchange goods or arrange child custody exchanges at the Law Enforcement Center at 320 West Fourth Street. Areas in the parking lot are designated for the exchange of large items like large televisions or kayaks. Smaller items can be exchanged either in the designated area of the parking lot or inside the building’s vestibule. Cameras monitor those specific areas 24 hours a day.

“Traditionally, the Law Enforcement Center lobby has been an available space for people who wish to buy or sell goods on the Internet,” says Police Chief Matt Burns. “These newly monitored areas will make it more convenient and safer for citizens who wish to exchange those goods.”

Over the past few years, reports of people being robbed when they tried to buy or sell something online have occurred. The majority of those crimes happened in areas where no cameras or witnesses were present, making them difficult to solve. By providing an area that is both recorded and available around the clock, the safe exchange zone will make it easier for people to buy or sell when it’s convenient for their schedules and in a safe place.

The designated parking spots have markings on the pavement and signs that state the spots are a Safe Exchange Zone. The paint and labor for the pavement markings were donated by Superior Seal.