Free Landfill Pass and Street Sweeping Ensure Sioux Falls Stays Clean and Beautiful

Free PassSioux Falls residents should be watching their mailboxes for this year’s City of Sioux Falls Sanitary Landfill free pass. The time frame for residents to use the pass has been extended an additional two months this year, as residents have until August 30, 2014, before the pass expires.

“Each year the City mails about 40,000 of these free landfill passes, but only about 10,000 passes are used. This year we want more people to take advantage of this opportunity to bring items to the landfill for free, and hopefully the extended time frame will help,” says Dave McElroy, Landfill Superintendent.

The passes will be mailed on March 31 and entitle the addressee to dispose of one load (less than 3 cubic yards or gross vehicle weight less than 8,500 pounds) at the landfill. You may not pay an individual to haul your load, as the load will then be considered a contractor or commercial load. All loads must be tarped to be admitted for free.

Around the same time that residents begin cleaning out their properties and using the free landfill pass, the City will begin street sweeping operations.

“As soon as the weather is consistently warmer, our street sweeping crews will be out in full force cleaning up the roads after a long winter,” says Galynn Huber, Street and Fleet Operations Manager. “We have an aggressive street sweeping plan to sweep about 1,700 curb miles of streets this spring.”

Sweeping the streets two times each year not only keeps the city clean, but also helps maintain the health of the Big Sioux River by ensuring waste does not enter the storm sewer system. Street sweeping equipment picked up about 9.5 tons of waste last year—things like brake dust, small branches, gravel, small pieces of trash, and more. The materials are beneficially reused as cover material or to improve temporary roads at the landfill.


To ensure Sioux Falls stays clean and beautiful, residents need to follow certain community standards regarding property maintenance:

  • Keep your yard clean, including shoveling your sidewalk in the winter and mowing the lawn in the summer. City ordinance requires that lawns be kept shorter than 8 inches in height and noxious weeds be controlled.
  • Maintain your home; keep it in a safe, sanitary, and decent condition by painting your house, raking leaves, disposing of pet waste, and picking up trash.
  • Park your car where it belongs: in the garage or driveway or on the street.
  • Maintain commercial garbage service from a licensed hauler and do not permanently place your garbage or recycling containers in front of your house where they are readily visible.

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