Community Development Top 10 Wins

  1. Hotel on Elmwood Golf Course
    Community Development collaborated with Parks and Recreation to redevelop an underutilized portion of City property on Elmwood Golf Course into a $12 million, 115-unit hotel, conference center, and restaurant. A groundbreaking for the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites and Crooked Pint Ale House restaurant took place in fall 2016, and the grand opening is scheduled for fall 2017.
  2. Railyard Redevelopment
    In 2016, the City completed the redevelopment plan for the downtown railyard. This plan was a result of stakeholder engagements, public open houses, and interdepartmental collaboration and will set the tone for redeveloping the railyard in the years to come.
  3. Community Outreach
    Community Development provides funding for Inter-Lakes Community Action Partnership’s Bright Futures Program, which teaches fundamental living skills to homeless or nearly homeless families to improve their ability to care for themselves and their family. This year the number of individuals served by the program increased by 35 percent—from 42 in 2015 to 57 in 2016.
  4. Washington Square
    Washington Square, one of the largest projects of its type, began construction in 2016 and will be among the tallest structures in Sioux Falls. The mix of retail, office, parking, and residential uses in downtown received assistance from the City in the form of tax increment financing.
  5. Downtown Revitalization
    More than 50,000 square feet of office and retail space and 30 residential units were added downtown by the DM&E remodel, Epicosity remodel, Stockwell Engineers office construction, and Jones 421 lofts remodel/construction. All of these projects transformed underperforming property into highly desirable space in the core of our city.
  6. Business Expansion
    The Economic Development Division supported several business expansion projects. Noteworthy projects include Amesbury Truth, a $10 million manufacturing facility; Republic National Distributing, a $9 million distribution facility; and JDS Industries’ 60,000 square foot expansion.
  7. Affordable Housing Plan
    The Affordable Housing Division collaborated with Augustana University and Sioux Falls Thrive to complete the community’s first comprehensive affordable housing plan. This effort will provide the framework necessary to synchronize our public, private, and nonprofit efforts to increase the safety, cleanliness, and affordability of housing in Sioux Falls.
  8. Public Parking Wins
    The Public Parking Division recognized more than $40,000 in savings by improving maintenance practices in Public Parking facilities and enforcement software advances. Not only does this save the division money, but it also improves the quality of service provided to our customers.
  9. Main Avenue Road Diet
    As part of the Main Avenue Road Diet, the Carnegie Town Hall parking lot was redesigned and constructed to meet current design standards and improve the aesthetics of this corridor through downtown.
  10. Investment in Affordable Housing
    Community Development strengthened partnerships with private sector housing developers, state government, and nonprofits to increase the number of and improve the quality of affordable housing in our community. A total of 158 affordable housing units were funded in 2016.