From April 24 through April 28, 2017, a neighborhood cleanup occurred. Project NICE (Neighborhood Improvement/Complaint Easement) assists neighborhoods with environmental issues such as rubbish, waste material, dilapidated buildings, and zoning issues. Project KEEP (Keep Environmental Enhancement Permanent) helps maintain previous Project NICE neighborhoods.

The 2017 Project NICE includes two areas:

Area A is an area contained within the boundaries of South West Avenue on the west, South Minnesota Avenue on the east, West 18th Street on the north and West 41st Street on the south.

Area B is an area contained within the boundaries of Interstate 229 on the west, North Sycamore Avenue on the east, East 10th Street on the north and East 18th Street on the south.

The 2017 Project KEEP includes two areas:

Area A is an area contained within the boundaries of North 4th Avenue on the west, North Cliff Avenue on the east, East Benson Road on the north and 600 feet south of east Hermosa Drive on the south.

Area B is an area contained within the boundaries of North Cliff Avenue on the west, Interstate 229 on the east, East 34th Street North on the north and Norton Acres Subdivision boundary on the south.

Volunteers from various City departments worked together to accomplish this project. Residents in the designated areas of town placed rubbish and waste material at the curb. The men and women who assisted in this effort placed the rubbish and waste material in front-end loader buckets provided by the City. The rubbish and waste material was then loaded on to City trucks and disposed of in the Sioux Falls Regional Sanitary Landfill or properly recycled.

Three ground crews removed 765.29 tons of rubble and solid waste, 31.83 tons of tires, 21.53 tons of appliances, 1.69 tons of yard waste, 2.23 tons of scrap metal and 437.87 tons of wood waste. In addition there were separate clean up events provided simultaneously at three mobile home parks in the cleanup areas. Over 6 tons of waste was removed from these three mobile home parks as a part of Project NICE/KEEP. This brings the total to over 1260 tons of unwanted material removed from the Project NICE/KEEP neighborhoods. In addition, 1161 mattresses were collected for recycling from the project areas. This is the most material that has removed in the history of the project. This works out to be 2/3 of a ton of debris removed per minute for the six days the clean up portion of the project lasted this year. The clean up went an extra day picking up debris piles in the neighborhoods and finished on Tuesday following the project week with hauling wood waste. Enthusiastic support and participation in the program by the residents of the neighborhoods and the volunteers contribute to the great success of the project.

After the cleanup was completed, the neighborhoods were surveyed and any remaining violations of City ordinance were addressed. The Project NICE/KEEP City-assisted cleanup and the follow-up portions of the projects have proved to be very beneficial for the City of Sioux Falls. The impact it has had in helping maintain and improve environmental conditions in many Sioux Falls neighborhoods are significant.

The Project is one of the things that keeps Sioux Falls one of the best places to live in the United States.