Central Services Top 10 Wins

  1. Central ServicesCity Hall Second Floor Renovation: The first two stages of a multiyear City Hall remodeling project to improve and upgrade office space while providing more user-friendly customer access are complete. This was the first major modernization of City Hall since it was built in 1935. The ground floor was completely remodeled in 2014, opening up the space and increasing usable square feet. A similar effort on second floor was completed in 2015. The new spaces also provide flexibility if and when operational changes are required in the future.
  2. High-Speed Wireless Network Upgrades: This initiative was completed in conjunction with the Public Works Menlo Water Tower painting project. Central Services removed and reinstalled wireless network microwave gear, upgrading wireless network links for added redundancy and speed to key City locations.
  3. CityLink Programming Improvements: CityLink programming became available in high definition for the first time in 2014. The picture quality is excellent, and access for viewers has been expanded by posting more content on the City’s website and YouTube channel. In 2015, Central Services improved the video production quality through new technology with updates to the production equipment.
  4. HVAC Upgrade: The entire HVAC system in the City Hall North Annex building was upgraded in 2015. Updates include a new boiler system, full digital controls, and a new air conditioner. These upgrades have drastically improved equipment performance, energy efficiency, and indoor air quality in the building.
  5. Data Center Improvements: This data center project consolidated the Virtual Server infrastructure and upgraded the Windows servers to a more robust and resilient platform.
  6. CityLink Studio Lighting: Studio lighting fixtures were replaced with DMX controllable LED fixtures. A lighting control system has been integrated into the control room, additional hanging systems and power outlets have been installed, and the lighting system is now fully controllable including color, intensity, and focus. The new system can save unique lighting scenes of specific shows for future use.
  7. Mobile Device Management: The Information Technology team implemented a new mobile device management product for the entire enterprise. This allows IT to deploy secure applications to mobile devices, and it supports multiple operating systems and devices.
  8. CityLink Automation System: This upgrade of the web interface for programming the CityLink channel includes the capability to schedule shows and activate crawl messages for snow alerts and other communications remotely. The upgrade includes the addition of a video-on-demand server with an automated video compression system, automated web posting process, and a live streaming server that provides live video from the Carnegie Town Hall Council Chambers to tablets and other mobile devices.
  9. City Hall Tuck-Pointing: The fourth and final side of City Hall was tuck-pointed in 2015 to help with energy efficiency and water infiltration. This project required removal and replacement of all existing mortar joints.
  10. City Website: The Web Office began a large initiative to redesign the City’s website to be user friendly for mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. More than 50% of users who access the website do so with a mobile device, so it is important that the site be designed to give the best user experience possible no matter what device is used. The project also includes an upgrade to the back-end content management software.