49th Street Overlay – Marion Road to Valhalla Boulevard

49th Overlay

Project Milestones

  1. Phase 1: 49th Street from Cathy Avenue to the I-29 Bridge - Curb and gutter repairs and sidewalk installation on each side of the asphalt-paved segment of 49th Street.
  2. Phase 2: 49th Street from Cathy Avenue to the I-29 Bridge – Includes concrete joint repairs, utility repairs, asphalt surface milling and overlay along 49th Street.
  3. Phase 3: 49th Street from Marion Road to Cathy Avenue and from the I-29 Bridge to Valhalla Boulevard – Concrete joint repairs.

Commuter Route Information

  • During Phases 1 and 3 49th Street will be open to traffic with one lane in each direction.  Access to local streets will be periodically restricted during construction in the intersections.
  • During Phase 2, 49th St will be closed. Traffic will be detoured on Marion Road, 41st Street, and Louise Avenue.
  • During Phase 3, Solberg Ave will be closed for one week. Traffic will be detoured on 57th Street and Marion Road.

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Project Overview

Contract Amount: $766,000 (estimate)

Completion Date: October 31, 2019

The project consists of concrete, utility, accessible curb ramp, and street surface improvements. The project will also improve pedestrian movements across 49th Street. 

Contact Information

City of Sioux Falls
Nagwan Al-Janabi, Project Manager
(605)-367-8643 (office)
(605)-413-7826 (cell) 

Consultant Name: TBD

Contractor Name: TBD